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... Angela Schaerer photographs


Angela has been dabbling with photography for a number of years.  Before digital, she did some photography with 35mm film and at times worked with husband Jack photographing weddings using a Bronica ETR.  With the advent of popular Digital cameras she hit her stride, taking to the new technology with a creative vengence.  She is mainly self taught with some example and mentoring by Jack.    Angela uses a  Samsung camera, a Canon XTi and a Canon T3i with a number of lenses.   She uses Photoshop Elements to process and finish her pictures. She has had a number of 'shows' including a month long exhibit at the Old Bank Bistro in Fort Erie.  Angela's personal work really shines with Flower and Child photography and she does a limited number of commissioned photographs.

Jack Schaerer Photographs


Jack has been photographing for more than 55 years.  He started with a Kodak box camera and progressed throuigh early 35 mm cameras (Argus and Ricoh), 4x5 Graphic and view cameras, 2 1/4 (120) film cameras -TLR's and 35mm SLR's (Nikon and Canon EOS) and 645 (Bronica ETRs).  His experience runs the gamut from early family snapshots, to High School photography, to free-lance news, weddings, and some commercial work.  He is bacially self taught with some courses taken during the 1970's.  Jack was a late adopter of Digital and started using a Canon 20D when it was announced, and now works primairly with a Canon 5D Mk2 as his main machine. Jack takes great pleasure in seeing Angela sucessfully making her photographs.  Of his photography Jack says  "...I am not an 'artist' , but simply a fairly decent craftsman".  He presents here a varied selection of work.  Landscapes form the bulk of his current personnal work although he still does weddings for friends.

Jack made his living for more than 40 years as an Accountant and Administrator....  Photography kept him sane!